WOMAN'S CLUB OF MANCHESTER - A member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, the Woman's Club of Manchester is dedicated to community improvement. Through its volunteer service the club strives to enhance the lives of others. Any woman age 18 and above who has been looking for a way to be involved in her community is welcome to join the organization. Except for the months of January, June and July, the club meets the second Monday of each month at the Clay County Public Library Community Room. For more information, call 598-2033.

Clay County Public Library (click here for website)

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Big Creek Elementary
Nadine Couch, Principal
523 North Highway 66
Oneida, KY 40972
Phone: 606-598-2812
Fax: 606-598-2853
Burning Springs Elementary
Geraldine Phillips, Principal
9847 North Highway 421
Manchester, KY 40962
Phone: 606-598-3138
Fax: 606-598-9326

Clay County High School
Mike White, Principal
415 Clay County High Road
Manchester, KY 40962
Phone: 606-598-3737
Fax: 606-598-8976

Clay County Middle School
Wayne Napier, Principal
239 Richmond Rd
Manchester, KY 40962
Phone: 606-598-1810
Fax: 606-598-1230
Campbell-Reed Learning Center
Pat Burchell, Principal
207 Church Street
Manchester, KY 40962
Phone: 606-598-1601
Fax: 606-598-0991
Hacker Elementary School
Todd McDaniel, Principal
1342 South Highway 421
Manchester, KY 40962
Phone: 606-598-3338
Fax: 606-598-7119
Goose Rock Elementary School
William Sexton, Principal
364 Highway 1524
Manchester, KY 40962
Phone: 606-598-3740
Fax: 606-598-3758
Manchester Elementary School
Jimmy Samples, Principal
1908 North Highway 421
Manchester, KY 40962
Phone: 606-598-3444
Fax: 606-598-8786
Oneida Elementary School
Steve Burchfield, Principal
435 Newfound Rd
Oneida, KY 40972
Phone: 606-847-4212
Fax: 606-598-4340

Paces Creek Elementary School
David Murray, Principal
1983 South Highway 421
Manchester, KY 40962
Phone: 606-598-6333
Fax: 606-598-0359
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