Visit these sites by car;
have your camera ready

Click buttons on map for:
1   Manchester sites
2   Bert T. Combs Marker
3   Photo opportunities
4   Garrard and White Cemeteries
5   Masterful Retreat and
      Salt Works Destroyed Markers
6   Oneida Institute
7   Cedar Valley
8   Old Swinging Bridge
9   Chief Redbird and John Gilbert
10 John and Mollie Gilbert Site
11 Dillion Asher Site
12 General Carter Slept Here
(Private residence)
13 B. F. White House
(Private residence)
14 Jesse Cotton Cabin
15 Old Joe Clark Home
16 William Reid Home
(Private residence)

Click here for scaleable color-coded road map of Clay County.Note: Map will open as a PDF file. It is a large file and may take a moment to open. The map is extremely detailed and is worth the wait. If you don't have Adobe Reader to open PDF files click green bar below. It's free.