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Amazing Grace is led from the coral constructed by the City for the ACTHA World Record Competitive Trail Challenge by her handler, Siobahn. Below are some of the other horses on hand for the national trail event held in Bert Combs Park.

Scenes from the world record-breaking trail riding event held at Bert Combs Park in June.
     Seventeen riders came together this summer to participate in the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) ride at Bert T. Combs Park.
     Participants in the ride faced six challenges, across six miles of trail, with six judges. Keith Dane, Director of the Equine Protection for the Humane society of the United States, was present at the ride, to welcome riders to the competition.
     Christine Schumacher, organizer of the event, said all together, they raised close to $1,000. The proceeds will go to the Equine Protection Division, and will be used to rescue horses. “This was one of 60 trail ride stops, with ACTHA’s goal throughout the entire United States to raise $100,000,” said Schumacher.
     The competition is one in many that has helped set a new world record for the largest competitive trail ride with more than 1700 riders participating throughout the country. ACTHA partnered with the City of Manchester, which helped to host the event.
    “We’re honored for this ride to come to Manchester, and we look forward to working with ACTHA in the future,” said Mayor Carmen Lewis.
     Schumacher said there may be another ride hosted at the park in the fall. (From the Manchester Enterprise)
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