Mike White - Assistant Superintendent of Public Works
Mike has worked with the City of Manchester in this capacity since 2002. He is responsible for directing activities and supervising staff of the garbage, sewer, water and street departments; overseeing the operation and maintenance of the wastewater collection and treatment plants; and, managing all recreational facilities including the city parks and golf course. During his tenure with the city Mike has been directly involved in the vast expansion of water and sewer lines, creation of the Governorís RV Park and Campground, and construction of the Splash Park. He is currently involved in the design and construction of the new Water Treatment Plant.         
Agnes Jewell
Agnes began at the City of Manchester in February of 2008 and prior to that time she was Foodservice Manager at Clay County High School for 21 years. At the city she is responsible for administrative duties related to property taxes and fire fees. She is co-chairman of the Cityís Hospitality Committee and assists in the water department.
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Janice Bowling - Food Service Manager (Golf Course)
Janice began working with the city in the fall of 2009. She was initially assigned to City Hall but has since assumed responsibilities at the Big Hickory Golf Course where she assists with office duties and prepares tasty lunches for golfers and visitors alike.
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