Is this a handsome town or what
Manchester is a tightly-packed little town arranged around the town square, the Court House hill, and north and south entries. The town has an old-fashioned  "real town" feel about it, but is graced with handsome, modern structures on all sides. From top right, you are looking down Town Branch Road across the Veterans Memorial to the town square beyond.
     Next is City Hall, then the Heritage Pavilion in front that contains the interpretive signs that outline the city's and county's history. Below it is the County Administrative Building opposite the city hall with the Heritage Pavilion between them. Bottom photo is the Manchester Police Department.
     At left is the bronze statue of Clay County's favorite son, Governor Bert T. Combs, that occupies a space at the Veterans Memorial. Above Gov. Combs is Manchester Memorial Hospital on the north side. Above it is the striking Court House on the hill.
     At top left is the Manchester Campus of Eastern Kentucky University on the south side as you enter town from the Hal Rogers Parkway.
Heritage Pavilion
Veterans Memorial
City Hall
Administration Building
Police Station
Gov. Bert T. Combs statue at the Veterans Memorial downtown. A second Vets memorial is at Rawlings and Stinson Park.
Memorial Hospital
Clay Co.
EKU Manchester
Just follow the signs